Summer Solstice 2013 Storm

On the evening of June 21,2013, a brief but intense thunderstorm with torrential rain and high winds swept through Columbia Park neighborhood. (Across the Twin Cities area, many hundreds of trees were felled, resulting in power outages lasting at least several days in many neighborhoods.) These are some scenes visible the following morning in the eastern section of the neighborhood. Do you have others to share? Send them as email attachments to

Pine tree down on Architect Ave.

Car smashed, power line down on Van Buren St.

Damage on 36-1/2 Ave.

Madison Pl. at 36-1/2 Ave

Madison Pl. at 36th Ave.

Devastation on Spain Pl.

Same location on Spain Pl.: five trees down

Lake Sandy rises again.

Another view of golf course west side.

Mature oak tree snapped in Columbia Park near playground.

Flotsam on fence near pond: 33rd and Central.