Report on Meeting of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) with City Staff on June 6, 2012

Jack Yuzna, Public Works Department project manager for the St. Anthony Bridge Project, commissioned Steve Olson to produce a report that would “assess the feasibility of rehabilitating the bridge for continued service.”
Mr. Olson used Federal Guidelines for Historic Bridge Rehabilitation & Replacement as the primary reference for his review plus other resources and concluded that “it would not be prudent to rehabilitate the St. Anthony Bridge for continued vehicular use.”
Because it is a historic bridge,  mitigation measures are required by the guidelines. Discussed were historic records and computerized documentation of the bridge.
According to Federal guidelines, the design of the new bridge has to fit its setting, be reflective of the past but be built with current technology.  Since it is part of the Grand Rounds, it has to accommodate bicycle and pedestrian traffic.
The next CAC meeting will be in August. E-mails regarding this process can be sent to:  contact [at]; letters to CPNA, P.O.Box 21593, Columbia Heights, Mn. 55421.
– Lotte & Mike Melman
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