Crime Stats Update

The latest crime report for Columbia Park neighborhood, received on July 17, is as follows:

Over all the neighborhood is showing an increase of (+1 / +3%) Part 1 Crimes, compared to the same time frame last year (1/1 – 7/17). Comparing 2011 to 2012 – year to date:

There were no changes in:

Homicide: 0 incidents both years

Rape: 0 incidents both years

Arson: 0 incidents both years


There have been decreases in:

Robbery: (-1) – (1 incident in 2012) no new incidents since 6/18/2012

Aggravated Assault: (-1) – (3 incidents in 2012) no new incidents since 6/18/2012

Burglary: (-1) – (8 incidents in 2012)

There have been increases in:

Auto Theft: (+1) – (2 incidents in 2012)

Larceny: (+3) – (19 incidents in 2012) this includes: theft, theft from bicycle, theft from motor vehicle, theft of motor vehicle parts, theft by swindle

Remember National Night Out is right around the corner, so start planning and encourage all of your neighbors to participate either by hosting a block event or by attending a block event. As you are enjoying the summer months in the neighborhood, remind your neighbors to:

  • Mark and Document all serial numbers of your valuables or make your own “special” mark on your valuables that you can use to identify it as yours
    1. Keep this information in a separate location
    2. Take pictures of valuables
    3. If the items are stolen – provide the serial numbers and/or pictures to the police when you file your report
  • Observe and report suspicious activity to 911 as it is happening
  • Be aware of their surroundings – try not to be distracted
  • Secure their bike with a quality lock and secure it to a secure rack
  • Secure their motor vehicle
    1. Do not leave your keys in your vehicle
    2. Lock your doors and close windows
  • Talk to their neighbors and share neighborhood/block observations
  • Sign up for the neighborhood email list and the MPD email alert system
    2. (crime maps for the 2nd Precinct – updated weekly)
  • Consider being a block leader/point of contact for the neighborhood
  • Secure screen and main house doors
    1. Secure strike plates with at least 3” screws
    2. Consider using a longer strike plate

As always if you have questions, comments and/or concerns please let me know.

– Provided by Nicholas J. Juarez, Crime Prevention Specialist, Minneapolis Police Department, 2nd Precinct, 1911 Central Avenue, 612-673-2797,

The neighborhood crime maps for the two weeks to July 17 and for the year to that date are available here.

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