Update: St. Anthony Parkway Bridge Replacement

As a Community Advisory Council (CAC) member, I would like to update Northeasters regarding the latest developments for the ongoing St. Anthony Parkway Bridge project.

First, the consulting parties (including the CAC) have decided rehabbing the existing bridge is not feasible. Therefore a replacement bridge will be constructed. However, the Grand Rounds and the adjacent track corridor are nominated as historic properties, and the loss of the existing bridge will have an adverse effect on the Grand Rounds.

The Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office and the Minnesota Department of Transportation have agreed that the new bridge shall have no or minimal impact on the historic properties. To assure compliance, they have agreed to review and approve the bridge design at intervals during the design process.

They also plan mitigation measures for the loss of the existing bridge. This includes thorough documentation of the existing bridge, as well as possible sale of the whole or parts of the existing bridge for installation elsewhere. The consulting parties will entertain other mitigation ideas from the community, so please forward them to the Columbia Park Neighborhood web site at ColumbiaPark.org.

Mike Melman, Northeast Minneapolis
[Ed.: This letter was published in the Northeaster, February 6, 2013; the email address for sending mitigation ideas is: contact@columbiapark.org. ]

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