Bike Registration and Safety

Every year, thousands of bicycles are lost or stolen in Minneapolis. Many of them are recovered. Yet, because of a lack of proper identification, only a small percentage are ever returned to their owners.

The Minneapolis Police Department has created an easy, on-line way to register your bicycle. You will need to include your bike’s serial number, a description of the bike–make and model–and your contact information. Use this link to register your bike and in the event it is lost or stolen, and the MPD, other agencies or city departments recover it, we will be able to return it to you quickly.

There are two other ways you can register:

Call 311–be sure to have your bike’s serial number ready.

•  Use 311’s app: to register using your smart phone.

Data show that bicyclists and drivers are equally responsible for bicycle-vehicle crashes in Minneapolis. To operate safely, bicyclists need to follow traffic laws and ride predictably: One in three bicycle-vehicle crashes in Minneapolis involves a bicyclist running a red light, riding against traffic, or failing to yield the right of way. Drivers need to slow down and look for bicyclists, especially when turning: 40 percent of bicycle-vehicle crashes in Minneapolis involve a driver not seeing or yielding to a bicyclist. Bicycling in Minneapolis is actually getting safer: As more people use bicycles for transportation, bicycle-vehicle crashes have not increased.

The Department of Public Works analyzed nearly 3,000 reported bicycle-vehicle crashes occurring in Minneapolis from 2000 to 2010. The report, called “Understanding Bicyclist-Motorist Crashes in Minneapolis,” is available at

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