That’s It?

Once upon a time, after the great tear-up and rebuilding of Central Avenue, there was an effort to create a green median (in place of the previous concrete median) that included small trees. It started out well, but it seemed that maintenance wasn’t part of the plan.

Back to the drawing board. A number of people, including some from Columbia Park and Waite Park neighborhoods, got together to figure out how to do it better and include plants that would better endure salt spray and other indignities. And so it was done.

That too started out looking good, although some weren’t so sure when, soon after, mowers were turned loose to level the verdant growth. “It’s necessary,” was the word. And so folks watched for the new and better plan to be revealed in time.

Another winter has gone by, and another spring, and this is how it looks:

Central Avenue median at Columbia Parkway, 8 June 2013

Shouldn’t, by now, the median be decorated by something other than a typical collection of volunteer plants and roadside trash?

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