August Board Meeting Notes

At the board meeting of the Columbia Park  Neighborhood Association on Monday, August 19, the treasurer’s report indicated a total of $19,083.80 in CPNA accounts.

The board decided to postpone election of board members and officers for the coming year until the next meeting, on September 16.

Stephen Wilson, representing Xcel Energy, presented the company’s case for remaining the electric power supplier for the city of Minneapolis—in view of recent efforts to open broader options that could include municipalization (purchase by the City of Minneapolis) of current Xcel facilities and equipment within the city. (The current agreement is slated to expire in 2014, but on August 16, the City Council declined to include the question on the ballot on November 5.) Further information is available on the Xcel Energy web site. [Alternative views are available at this address.]

There was some discussion of a possible “buckthorn busting” event this fall, in partnership with the Marshall Terrace neighborhood organization. This would take place along the Mississippi River, near St. Anthony Parkway between Marshall Street and the Camden Bridge.

The board is also working on a Rocking the Rain Gardens event in Columbia Park. This would include a demonstration of a rain garden installation on a September date yet to be determined.

Finally, Charleen Zimmer of Alex Cloutier Communications presented the latest stage of evaluation of alternatives—including a possible start of a streetcar line in 2017-18—for the Nicollet-Central transit corridor. Though much of the planning process, including financing, remains to be worked out, Ms. Zimmer mentioned two possible locations in Northeast for a streetcar maintenance facility: at 14th Avenue and Central, and at 8th Avenue and Central. Part of the evaluation involves study of a “starter” streetcar line extending from Nicollet and Lake in South Minneapolis to Central and Hennepin. A crucial consideration is whether to route such a line on the more recently built Hennepin Avenue bridge or the historic-designation 3rd / Central Avenue bridge. (Another public presentation has been scheduled to take place at the Central Library on Nicollet Mall on Monday, September 9, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.) The period for public comments will remain open until September 15. The public is invited to participate in an online survey or submit comments to Ms  Zimmer: 612-251-1920

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