Cleanup at Cedar Service Site

Update December 2013 from Canadian Pacific on the Cedar Service site (west side of Canadian Pacific (CP) Shoreham Facility near University Avenue and 31st Avenue NE):  As a result of operations conducted by wood-treating businesses that leased the site between 1915 and 1972, soils at the site were contaminated with pentachlorophenol (PCP) and poly-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and groundwater was contaminated with PCP. The soil cleanup is complete and a Soil Response Action Report describing implementation of the cleanup was approved by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) in September 2008.

The final Groundwater Response Action involves pumping from two deep wells: one near 27th Avenue NE and 6th Street NE, the other near University Avenue’s bridge over the railroad tracks north of 27th Avenue. The water is treated on-site to remove PCP. The groundwater extraction and treatment system continues to operate, extracting 34 gallons per minute from the two wells; since operation began in December 2006, more than 3,700 pounds of PCP have been removed. CP has recently invested in two enhancements to the system: an infiltration basin (constructed in December 2012), to which treated groundwater is discharged under permit by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, to replenish the groundwater of the area; and, in 2013, two solar panels to supply energy to the pumping system.

Water levels and groundwater chemistry are regularly monitored by CP, using a network of monitoring wells, and the results reported to MDA. CP and MDA consider the trends in groundwater concentrations of the pollutants to be favorable.


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