Proposed Building Addition Project

CPNA has been informed of a proposed building addition to the property located at 81 St. Anthony Parkway in the Columbia Park neighborhood, adjacent the Marshall Terrace neighborhood. (The property is on the north side of the Parkway, between California Street and Columbia Avenue.)

The applicant is G&G Real Estate, Larry Zweigbaum, who can be reached at or at (612) 588.2724; his representative is Jeffrey A. Ellerd of Wenck Associates, Woodbury, MN, and he will respond to comments or questions on his behalf: or 651.395.5202.

The proposed project consists of the construction of a 15,000-square-foot building addition to the north façade of the existing building. As part of the construction, storm water management upgrades and landscaping will be constructed. The addition will consist of an engineered steel building with two man doors located on the north façade and four trailer height loading docks on the east façade. The addition will replace the majority of the existing concrete block north façade. The existing north wall will be modified to provide better access into the new addition with cutting or expanding of existing openings. The addition floor slab will match existing, providing one continuous storage and operational space.

As part of the construction of the addition, a significant portion of the site will be regraded. Roof water will be directed to a newly constructed storm water infiltration pond on the northwest corner of the site. This pond will accept water from the entire 15,000-square-foot addition and approximately two-thirds of the existing building roof. Existing roof drains will be routed through the existing building, beneath the proposed addition and discharge into the new infiltration pond.

The remainder of the site will be graded such that water will flow to the south side of the site where a new lined storm water treatment pond will be constructed. The treatment pond will discharge to the existing storm sewer line. During a rainfall event, the pond will retain water, allowing for suspended solids to precipitate out of the water.

Landscaping and green space are being added as part of the proposed construction project. In addition to the storm water infiltration pond, trees, shrubs and other vegetation will be added in and around the pond. Further enhancements to the landscaping will be focused on the south side of the building and site increasing the curb appeal on the public side of the facility.

The applicant is requesting an amendment to the existing Conditional Use Permit to allow for the expansion, along with three variances associated with the new construction. The variances are for a reduction in required green space on the site, along with a reduction in the required shrub count for the project, a variance from the required number of parking spaces from 40 to 25, and a variance from the requirement that all drive areas be dust-free.

The existing site conditions do not allow for the addition of 400 plus shrubs. As part of the project, the applicant is adding trees and shrubs to the site, primarily along St. Anthony Parkway, but also in the northwest corner of the site. There is not enough physical space to plant the required number of shrubs.

The building will employ 23 people after the expansion with no plans for further employment. The facility is not open to the public and does not need to accommodate third-party traffic and parking. There is no need for 40 parking stalls to be constructed on the site. The applicant will add additional dust-free surfacing on the south side of the site and will make significant storm water improvements that will address potential runoff and tracking issues from currently and remaining gravel surfaces.


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