Precincts need election judges, including our newly revived precinct at Columbia Manor

The 2014 Gubernatorial Primary, is set for Tuesday, August 12th. As we continue to finalize arrangements, we’re short on the number of election judges needed to serve voters in the polls. Specifically, the City is looking to recruit, train, and deploy:

Team election judges provide direct assist to voters in the City’s 125 polling places. They greet voters, provide instructions, answer questions, and manage voter queuing lines; they check voter registration status and, if necessary, register qualified voters; they provide instructions on how to complete the ballot properly; they issue ballots; they operate tabulation equipment; and work together to ensure a positive experience for voters.

These specialized judges assist voters in the polling places who require translation or language support (in addition to other team judge duties). The City is specifically looking for multi-lingual judges fluent in Hmong, Somali, and Spanish.

You can sign-up to serve as an election judge yourself. Better yet, recruit a friend or neighbor (or two or three) to help serve your fellow residents in this year’s election! For more information about serving as an election judge, or to download the application form, see the City’s election website at:

vote [dot] minneapolismn [dot] gov

There’s a link at the top of the main page titled “Election Judges” that connects viewers with information and access to an application form and other details about serving as an election judge. Or, you can simply contact the Elections & Voter Services Division by calling Minneapolis 311.

Many thanks to all,

Casey Joe Carl
Minneapolis City Clerk

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