Metro Transit offers free rides to the Polls on Nov. 4th

Free rides on Tuesday, November 4th

A state law passed in 2014 requires transit providers to provide free rides on fixed-route service on Election Day this year.

The law also provides funding for agencies to cover the free rides. (Jill says, “Thank you 2014 Legislature”.)

Free rides are available on the following services:

  • Metro Transit buses
  • All METRO Lines
  • Northstar
  • All Suburban providers
  • Metropolitan Council buses.

NOTE: The free-ride offer is not available on Dial-A-Ride or Metro Mobility.

Free rides on buses will be available from the beginning to the end of the Nov. 4th service day (12:01AM to Midnight). Fare boxes on buses will have a cover placed over them that notes the customer of the free rides.

The bus overhead sign will read: “Vote Nov. 4”

Free rides on rail will be available from 3 a.m., November 4 through 3 a.m. November 5. Ticket vending machines will be disabled and the main screen will display the free ride message. Nov. 5. Rail card readers will either be disabled or will have a cover placed over them that notes the customer of the free rides.

Customers do not need to show or do anything to get a free ride this day.

A GREAT day to give transit a try AND get to the polls!

Thank you for your help spreading the word!

Jill Hentges

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