City Organics Recycling Update

Citywide Organics Roll-Out is Complete

Organics recycling carts have now been delivered citywide to more than 38,200 residents who have signed up, and by the end of June, we’ll have collected more organics in 2016 than in all of 2015.  You can still sign up to receive a green organics recycling cart, and you’ll get yours within a couple weeks. There is no extra charge to have your organics picked up every week on your collection day.  Sign up online or by calling Solid Waste & Recycling at  612-673-2917.


Common Organics Recycling No-No’s

Please remember that the following items are not accepted in the green organics recycling carts:

  • Yard waste
  • Milk cartons (these may go in your blue recycling cart)
  • Frozen food boxes
  • Pet and human waste products including: pet waste, litter or bedding, diapers, baby wipes and feminine hygiene products (State will not allow compost facilities to accept these)
  • Shiny, lined food service items including hot and cold cups, paper plates with designs on them, paper ice-cream tubs, and takeout containers that are not labeled as certified compostable (Check on BPI website to verify if products are BPI certified compostable)


Calling Recycling Block Leaders

As of June 27th, over 100 residents have signed up to become Recycling Block Leaders spreading the word about recycling, organics recycling, waste reduction, reuse and more on their block.  Recycling Block Leaders will receive email updates from the City and pass this information along to your neighbors.  Educational topics will change over time.  The first priority will be to encourage neighbors to participate in the organics recycling program and to answer any questions they have on what’s acceptable and what is not.  Recycling block leaders can order educational resources, like brochures, yard signs and more, to distribute to their neighbors.  Sign up to be a Recycling Block Leader today by contacting Recycling Program Aide Laura Horner at or 612-673-3318.

Learn more about Recycling Block Leader program here.


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