Draft Agenda CPNA Board/General Meeting on Monday August 15, 2016

The regular Board/ General Meeting of the Columbia Park Neighborhood Association will be held Monday May 16, 2016 at 6:30 pm at the Columbia Golf Manor 3300 Central AV NE, main floor Bride’s Room at end of the south corridor.

Need Accessible entrance opened call Liz at 612-390-3735

Columbia Park Draft Meeting Agenda for Monday, August 15, 2016

Board Members:  Melody Devine, Vickie Jensen, Joy Johnson, Jane McCarney, Mike Melman, Irro Mohamed, Yusuf Mohamed, Elaine Nissen, and Jeff Schalles

6:30 – Call to Order for Board Actions

Election of 2016-17 Officers

Approval of the Agenda

Approval of Draft Minutes for CPNA annual meeting June 20, 2016

Treasurer’s Report- Receive and File for June/July 2016 (one report as we do not meet in July)

Approval of the 2015 Tax filings for CPNA

General Meeting

6:45 Crime and Safety Update:  Meet Sarah Becker, 2nd Precinct Community Attorney

New Business

7:00  Nancy Pryzmus staffer and Bottineau Neighborhood Board member.  First round results of NE Riverfront Neighborhoods Cancer Study and request for assistance in Columbia Park for Phase II of the study

Updates from the new NCR actions at the City of Minneapolis

Old Business

Update from Dan Karst on issues with the city and DLTL site upgrades

Results of neighborhood surveys mailed in and collected at the Annual Meeting

Annual meeting recap…What went well, what didn’t, changes for 2017

Transfer of NPP funds from the Hi View Pool to the sidewalk connection update

Announcements/ Communications

Eastside Community & School BBQ: Thursday, August 25

Get ready for one of the Eastside’s biggest parties – the 10th Annual Eastside Community & School Barbeque is coming up on Thursday, August 25, 3:30 – 7:30 p.m. at Edison High School, 700 – 22nd Avenue NE.

This event started ten years ago as a kick-off of Edison’s school year and a thank you to its hardworking lunch ladies. It’s evolved into a community-wide celebration that last year hosted 3000 people. All of the Eastside Schools – Marcy Open, Northeast Middle School, Pillsbury Elementary, Edison High School, Sheridan Elementary, Waite Park Elementary and Webster Elementary – will be having their open houses the same night so families can stop by the Barbeque before or after their visit.

Come join your friends and neighbors for this tasty and activity-filled event!

Dear Neighborhood Leader,

This September, NCR will conduct a second Neighborhood Board Survey, one of several ways we are implementing our Blueprint for Equitable Engagement and helping us gain a better understanding of who is serving on neighborhood boards. To conduct the survey, we would like to stop by in person at an upcoming board meeting and have board members fill out the survey while we are there. NCR staff will contact you soon to request a brief visit at your September Board meeting.


The survey is very brief, and should only take a few minutes for your board members to complete. NCR is working hard to support the work of neighborhood organizations and this survey is one way for us to measure the impact and engagement of neighborhood work. We are currently developing additional ways to demonstrate the value of neighborhood organizations and look forward to your help in developing those tools. We’ve included some Questions and Answers below for more details.

We encourage all board members to take the survey, and we appreciate all the great work you do on behalf of your neighborhoods, and the city!


David Rubedor

Questions and Answers

What is the purpose of the survey?

The purpose of this survey is to collect demographic information about the body of volunteers serving as board members of neighborhood organizations funded by the City of Minneapolis. You can see the results of the 2014 Neighborhood Organization Diversity Survey here: http://www.minneapolismn.gov/www/groups/public/@ncr/documents/webcontent/wcms1p-138467.pdf.

How will my personal information be used?

Your responses to this survey will be confidential and will not be identifiable to you as an individual. All information received as a result of this survey will be aggregated (combined) and your actual survey destroyed once data aggregation is completed. For reporting purposes, responses will only be aggregated to preserve the privacy of all respondents. Data may also be available to help your neighborhood organization benchmark how it is doing compared to other neighborhood organizations similar to yours.

What if a board member isn’t available at the September Board Meeting?

Your Neighborhood Specialist will work with you to encourage max participation and complete all surveying by the end of September.

Does every individual have to take the survey?

Volunteers are under no obligation to take the survey or answer any particular survey question. If you decline to take the survey or to answer any of the particular questions, no adverse consequences to you or your neighborhood organization will occur.

What impact will this survey have on my neighborhood organization?

Survey participation will have no adverse consequences for your neighborhood organization. However, failure to provide the information will affect completeness of the survey and therefore the success of the survey. Full participation from neighborhoods across the city will allow NCR to better serve you and residents citywide.

Will the survey results be public?

The aggregated data will be public provided the data meets the summary data requirements of Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. Summary data is report data derived from data on individuals but in which individuals are not identified and from which neither the individuals’ identities nor any other characteristic that could uniquely identify an individual is ascertainable.

Who will see my actual survey?

The persons who may receive your actual survey include the individuals who are involved in aggregating the survey responses, the City Coordinator, and the city attorneys assisting with the summary data analysis. The information may also be supplied to the Minnesota Department of Administration – Information Policy Analysis Division, state and federal courts, and attorneys representing any of the above individuals or entities.

How else will you be measuring neighborhood work in the future?

NCR works to Support Strong, Vibrant and Functional Neighborhood Organizations (Strategy 2 of our Blueprint for Equitable Engagement) and we will be seeking feedback this fall from you and other neighborhood organizations on how we can measure and share the progress toward this goal. Stay tuned for more details soon.

David Rubedor

8:00- Adjourn

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