Free Home Energy Squad Visits for Income Qualifying Residents

For a limited time the City of Minneapolis is offering FREE Home Energy Squad visits for income-qualified residents, including renters.
During each Home Energy Squad visit, a team of energy experts will evaluate energy saving opportunities in your home and install materials to help you start saving on the spot — including door weather stripping, a water heater blanket, high-efficiency light bulbs and water fixtures, and a programmable thermostat. The visit may also include:

  • A blower door test to measure your home for air leaks
  • An insulation inspection your attic and walls using an infrared camera.
  • A safety check your home’s heating system and water heater.
  • An Energy Fitness Plan with a prioritized list of energy improvements and financing information.

If the Home Energy Squad recommends insulation or air sealing, you will receive a personalized quote and an opportunity to schedule the work with a qualified contractor. Income-qualified residents also have special access to 0% financing to complete insulation and air sealing upgrades.
This is a limited time offer so don’t wait to schedule your visit!
Call Beth at 612-335-5874 or visit
All Minneapolis residents are eligible for a $70 Home Energy Squad visit. To qualify for the free visit and the 0% financing you must meet the income limits in the chart below:
Household Size  – Income Limit
1 -$48,100
2 -$54,950
3 -$61,850
4 -$68,650
5 -$74,150
6 -$79,700
7 -$85,100
8- $90,650

Stacy Boots Camp|Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator |  612.244.2429 Center for Energy and Environment212 North 3rd Ave #560 | Minneapolis, MN 55401(fax) 612.244.2429 |

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