2017 Raingarden Program for CPNA residents

The Columbia Park Neighborhood Association (CPNA) is contemplating offering CPNA neighbors the chance to create a rain garden on their property to help keep storm water in homeowners yards.  The long term outcome being less water entering the Mississippi River via the storm drains of Columbia Park.

We offer to provide an opportunity to work with Metro Blooms and Conservation Corps workers by paying a portion of the fees related to design and installation.  We have offered rain gardens in the past and have heard there are neighbors still interested.  We would like to gauge the level of interest for 2017 by our November meeting so we can allocate funding.

If you are interested please contact the neighborhood association through our staff person Liz Wielinski at contact (at) columbiapark (dot) org or at 612-390-3735 by November 18, 2016. If we have at least 4 interested gardeners we will contact you after the vote to put things in motion. The costs and labor involved are listed below.  We are being very specific so as there are no surprises about the homeowners costs and responsibilities.

Property Owner Responsibilities and Costs (dates of service delivery are determined by Metro Blooms)

  • Work with consultant to design the garden $75 (up to 200 sq ft)
  • Mulch $50/property
  • Plants $200-$300/property
  • Sod/Soil disposal (optional as homeowner can choose to move and use this elsewhere on their yard) $40/property
  • Pick up plants from delivery site and install them in the garden, spread mulch
  • Maintain garden

Total cost $325-$465/property

CPNA will be responsible for paying Metro Bloom’s fees and services including the heavy work of excavating out the soil and sod from the garden site. Our cost per garden is $475.

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