Agenda for Board/General Meeting Monday October 21, 2019

The regular Board/ General Meeting of the Columbia Park Neighborhood Association will be held Monday October 21, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Columbia Golf Manor 3300 Central AV NE. MAP

For reasonable accommodations, alternative formats, translation services or the accessible entrance opened please contact CPNA staffer Liz at 612-390-3735. People who are deaf or hard of hearing can use a relay service to call.

Please do not wear heavy scents to our meetings. We are in a small location and members have allergy issues. Thank you in advance for helping make our meetings inviting to all.

6:30 – Call to Order for Board Actions
6:31 – Approval of the Agenda
6:35 – Approval theDraft minutes for CPNA meeting Monday September 16, 2019
6:39 – Treasurer’s Report- Receive and File
6:45- Open Time
6:59 – General Meeting
7:00 – New Business
Inclusionary Zoning Policy:  Comment letter due by 12/2/2019
Opportunity to Comment on Modification No. 3 to the Housing Replacement District Plan due by 12/2/2019
7:15 – Old Business
Update from 37th and University Committee
Newsletter- Willing to advertise?  How much?
AFCAC Update
7:30 – Crime and Safety Update
7:50 – Announcements/ Communications.

Did you know? It’s illegal to leave your vehicle unattended with the keys in the ignition while on a public street/alley. You could be ticketed under City Ordinance 478.160, even if your vehicle is stolen in these circumstances. (Note: remote starters do not violate the ordinance.) If your stolen vehicle is recovered, it is sent to the impound lot and if it is not retrieved in 15 days, it can be sold at police auction. In order to get the vehicle, you have to pay the fees.

  • If your vehicle is stolen, call 911 to report it.
  • If you later find your vehicle, call 911 to report that you recovered it! That is VERY IMPORTANT because if your vehicle is still listed as stolen, you could be mistaken as the car thief when you are driving it around. This could result in you being stopped at gunpoint.

To prevent vehicle theft, do not leave keys in your vehicle, do not leave the vehicle running with keys inside, and don’t leave your garage door opener in any outside vehicles.

Fall Prep for a Healthy Spring Yard

Fall is officially here! Now is a great time to prepare for a healthy spring yard. Cooling temperatures make fall the perfect season for planting new grass, pulling weeds and aerating the soil. Explore these resources to ensure a healthy comeback for your lawn next spring.

Rake, Mulch or Compost? What You Should Know

The dead leaves that blanket your yard are full of nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen. Consider these three methods for maintaining your fall yard and keeping these excess nutrients away from stormdrains:

    • Rake: Fallen leaves form a soggy, decaying mat that smothers turfgrass, exposing your lawn to mold and disease. Raking your leaves prevents them from smothering your lawn. You can even enjoy jumping in your leaf pile before bagging and removing the leaves.
    • Mulch: Don’t like raking leaves? Mulch them instead. Chopping leaves into small bits helps keep them on your lawn and away from stormdrains. This has the same effect as adding a round of store bought fertilizer to your lawn. If your lawn looks like it is more than 50 percent covered in leaves, consider bagging or composting rather than mulching.
    • Compost: Leaves are a potent source of nutrients for your lawn. While mulching places nutrients on the top of soil, composting puts nutrients down in the soil. You can add leaves to your compost pile or dispose of them as yard waste.
    • What About the Insects? Insects, including many pollinators, use fallen leaves as habitat during the winter. So how can you manage your leaf litter while still providing habitat for overwintering pollinators? Try placing your leaves in an area where they will be contained, such as a garden or raingarden. A messy garden can make for perfect winter wildlife habitat.

8:00- Adjourn

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